MOONVU Debuts With Exclusive Q2 Data on Tesla

New platform gives investors first-time access to 'alternative' data sets used by large institutions, for example, Tesla Q2 Production Counts 

WASHINGTON D.C. (June 24, 2021)—MOONVU Inc., a company that democratizes access to data once available only to major Wall Street firms, will debut its platform by releasing exclusive data on a Tesla production plant later this month. 

MOONVU specializes in collecting observable data for investors, using video and other technology to gather information on publicly traded companies. For example, MOONVU can track foot traffic at a store or output at a factory, often providing investors with insight ahead of company reports.  

Known as “alternative” or “external” data, this information has been available to Wall Street firms for decades. MOONVU is making it available to all investors, at a fraction of the cost. The company will debut its platform June 30 with an online event releasing data on Tesla’s plant in Fremont, California.  

“We are excited to show the investing community what we can do,” said CEO Sanders Partee. “Wall Street firms spend billions of dollars every year to get a jump on revenue-related  data. That puts the average investor—who doesn’t have a team of analysts—at an incredible disadvantage. Our platform levels the playing field.”  

Partee is a pioneer in building two-sided marketplace applications. As the founder of Taxi Magic (now Curb), he created the first marketplace for on-demand ground travel two years before Uber. Partee sees a huge opportunity for MOONVU to transform an industry where many fragmented suppliers serve relatively few large enterprise buyers.    

The June 30 event will reveal MOONVU’s data on Tesla's Q2 production (by model type) at the Fremont facility—before Tesla releases its second-quarter production report.  More data releases are planned in coming months, and Partee says the community forming on the MOONVU platform will create a robust market for alternative data among investors of all kinds.

“We believe that when investors and transparency advocates work together, we can create a massive marketplace for data transactions,” Thaddeus Bayston, co-founder said. 

To sign up for the Tesla online data release event, please click here.


MOONVU is a business intelligence and alternative data platform provider dedicated to delivering new and valuable insights to all investors. Specializing in the collection and analysis of observable data, MOONVU uses artificial intelligence and other proprietary technology to provide information on public companies. The MOONVU platform connects a global network of investors and transparency advocates interested in sharing data.


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