Frequently Asked Questions

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For this Fremont Site

Is your surveillance system legal?

Yes. We have a legal contract giving us the right to film at each location where we have cameras.

Do you capture any PII?

No. Just information on Economic Activity.

Does Tesla know you have cameras on their lot?

They have never publicly acknowledged the existence of the cameras.

What does Elon think of what you are doing?

We hope that he will support our mission to democratize access to investment data.

How do you know your count is correct?

We collect over 3 million images from the Fremont location daily. The first step in our process is to analyze all of those frames using a combination of Computer Vision and Motion Detection algorithms. Once the algorithms have returned results, we turn over these “Observations” to humans for final review. The humans then review the observations and make final determinations on Tesla Model Types.

Will you be counting cars at other Tesla factories?

We have plans to start observing both Tesla Austin and Tesla Berlin.

For MoonVu Plans

How can I get involved in your transparency and accountability community?

Share the Tesla Event and MoonVu website with your friends!

For MoonVu Corporate

What job openings are open at MoonVu?

You can find all open positions on our Jobs page on Linkedin.

Who are the owners of MoonVu?

MoonVu is privately funded and is not currently backed by any institutional money.

What other types of locations of interest are on your priority list?

We want to prioritize LOIs that show a large percentage of a public company's revenue. Our next priority is to build out a data set based on Locations of Aggregate Interest.