MOONVU Platform

How it Works

Our community establishes locations of interest to stockholders, leases physical space and records video at companies like Tesla. This valuable data is then made available to MOONVU subscribers, providing the same tools used on Wall Street.

When production data drops quarterly, MOONVU subscribers receive numbers for certain companies before data is released. That means you can invest with the same confidence as large hedge funds and financial institutions.

The Value of the MOONVU Community

We are not just building a platform that puts you on the same level as the Wall Street, we are also creating a community of like-minded investors. Members of the MOONVU network will crowdsource and operate multiple data farms and site locations around the globe, and share this data with interested investors.

This community will democratize alternative investment data and create a wave of transparency, empowering all investors.

Data you can trust. Data you can see.

Using multiple cameras on leased property to conduct economic surveillance , we compile extremely accurate performance data before companies report their numbers. It all starts with the location, or the “farm,” which has sightlines to important facilities and collects data straight from the source.

We’ve already created farms for a Tesla production facility and will use the data we’ve collected in our first T-Minus event.

Use it

We’re offering any investor the opportunity to buy access to our data for only $29. Even if you are not a buyer, you can still sign up to join our community of transparency advocates.

Ready to be part of our community?

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