T-Minus Event

Get access to our release of Tesla production data in America for only $29—and stay one step ahead.

Thanks to our surveillance data from Tesla’s Fremont site, MOONVU has critical and exclusive data that will help you decide whether to buy or sell $TSLA.


Sample our livestream video of Tesla's Fremont site.


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Helping you make money moves

If you had a way to collect production data from any company that produces goods, how would you play it? Now, you have new insight into corporate performance. The early data numbers belong to anyone in the MOONVU community.

Interested in learning more about TSLA?

As one of the hottest—and most volatile—stocks on the market right now, Tesla is the perfect company to showcase how information on a Location of Individual Interest in MOONVU's data marketplace will help investors make smarter decisions.


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Follow along with the captain of all Tesla-Ships, dive into trends, stats, and detailed Tesla tracking.